Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Babylon, and the Rebel

My partner Hiren broke himself-- dislocated his kneecap-- on August 25, so I have had to work harder than usual lately. It is good for me, but I hate it.

On Sunday we saw, "Babylon AD", which is a tolerable near-future dystopia movie. We enjoyed it well enough while it was going on, but it was gone by the time we had crossed the parking lot.

On Monday I spent something like 9 hours messing about in boats; I installed oarlocks on the Vector, then stepped the mast on the Rebel for the first time in two years (and the second time solo ever) by way of getting some procedure figured out. Then I went up to Lake Andrea and actually SAILED the Rebel; it draws more water and is not nearly as agile as the Vector, and I managed to run aground THREE times in hour. Still, I am still on track to spend the afternoon Sunday with the Rebel at Lake Andrea, for anyone who wants to come by and take a ride.

Tuesday I took the first half of a touchy-feely course called, "Crucial Conversations" for work. It wasn't half bad.

I am already sick to death of the election, and we have another two months of this foolishness ahead of us. We really should just draw names out of a hat; it couldn't be less effective, and it would be a LOT less irritating and expensive.

Uncle Hyena
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