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Uncle Hyena

Soul Mates, and Other Scams

Well, since the "Virginity" rant went over fairly well, I thought I would drag over the "Soul Mate" rant and see how THAT was recieved. It was largely ignored over at DJ...

Uncle Hyena

The topic of Soul Mates came up the other night, and Dementia and I were pretty much in perfect agreement on the topic.

There are lots of people who might be inclined to refer to Dementia and me as soul mates, as long as they doen't do it in front of us, because we will laugh at them. We don't believe in the concept.

Dementia commented that it was a fundamentally toxic concept, that tends to make you look to the horizon whenever the going gets rough, because obviously if you had found your TRUE soulmate, things would not be this hard.

And that set me off on the Romance Novel Scam, and how the idea of Soul Mates tied into it so nicely. The RNS runs that the perfect man is a Double Alpha Male whom no woman can tame, but the Heroine manages to anyway... and the edge that she brings to the competition, the Legendary Weapon that allows her to slay (or at least tame) the dragon, is this silly idea that she is the hero's soul mate.

Love is a VOW. You promise to hold on come hell or high water, and you do. Right up until it becomes absolutely clear that if you don't let go, it will KILL you...

I've made that decision once, as has Dementia. I've had it made for me once. It happens; it HURTS.

By the time I met Dementia, I had figured out pretty well what a woman would have to be like to live with me; I'm not quit sure WHAT Dementia had figured out, but when I said, "Trust me," she did... and it has worked out. (Dementia's comment to this is to say, "Never trust a man who says, 'Trust me.'")

Uncle Hyena
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