Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Bits of Foolishness

On Sunday I had the Rebel up at Lake Andrea again, and Dementia joined me. I assigned her the tiller as I was pushing off the dock and raising the sails, and that seemed to work out moderately well, so we kept that arrangement: She steered, and I did everything else. Sailing the Rebel single handedly is a lot of work; it is difficult to deal with the jib and the tiller at the same time. Controlling the tiller by voice instructions to someone who doesn't quite get it isn't really any easier. I sail pretty instinctively at this point, and having to vocalize everything to someone who was having trouble keeping track of the wind direction (though to give her credit, the wind WAS pretty flukey) was INTERESTING...

On Monday I dodged the rain and saw some of the more marginal movies out there. "College" is pretty much what you would expect: Sex, alcohol, and stupidity thrown into a blender. But the main characters were likable, and that more or less paid the freight. "The Longshots" is a pretty typical come-from-behind sports movie. Of course, this kind of movie ALWAYS works pretty well if you let the story draw you in, and I did...

On Tuesday I spent another day getting paid to learn communication techniques that I either already knew, or am not interested in. On Wednesday I decided to avoid sleep I really needed and the anxiety dreams that went with it, and drove up to Lake Geneva to play games with Ernie Gygax and Tom Wham. We played a newish Tom Wham game called, "Aliens are Arriving," which we ALL lost; the aliens conquered the world. Oops. Bad for the body, but good for the mental health.

Finally... A while ago I made a donation to some wildlife foundation or other, and they gave us a small plush African Wild Dog for our menagerie. Of course he needed a name. We dithered about it for a few days, and then I said, "I have an idea, but it is really more of an orange and brown name than an orange and black name."

Dementia looked at the critter, and said, "Reese?", and I laughed, because she was right; I thought he was colored vaguely like a peanut butter cup. So the critter became "Rhys", which sounds the same, but is Welsh, and we tend to apply a Welsh slant to things whenever we can, lately...

We are somewhat unhinged, but we are usually happy.

Uncle Hyena
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