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FrodoFest, Ghost Town, Igor, Sailing, Dentistry, Parents

Got the Jeep back on Saturday; the 4WD actuator ran the bill up to just short of $800. Ouch.

After work on Saturday, Dementia and I went up to Salem, Wisconsin, for "Frodo Fest", a two-day event of dubious focus that was a lot of fun. The big draw for us was the public reunion of Seelie Court, who did four 30 minute sets (we caught two). There was also a short demonstration of a pretty effective four foot trebuchet, and a more or less constant archery demo; I shot a bow for the first time in decades, as did Dementia. Got to visit a bit with Pirate John and Juli M., always a good thing.

On Sunday we saw "Ghost Town" and "Igor", both of which were tolerable. "Ghost Town" is a relationship comedy with supernatural elements, and we enjoyed it a great deal in spite of a low tolerance for Ricky Gervais. "Igor" was a pretty routine piece of animation with a dark palette and a good cast. It mostly worked, but never enthralled.

On Monday I went sailing, two laps of Lake Andrea in minimal wind. I have now spent as much time sailing this year as in the previous 24 years combined, and still hope to get another outing or two in before the weather closes in. I need to make some small repairs, though; the rudder gudgeons are working loose. Can't have that...

On Tuesday I was up at 5:30, out of the house at 6:30, and FINALLY arrived in Elmhurst 20 minutes late for my 8:00 AM dental appointment; one of my fillings had gone AWOL on Saturday night. Once that was done, I continued south and spent about seven hours with my father, two of which were spent visiting my mother. Mom seemed a bit more lucid than last time around, but was mostly out of it. Conversation with my dad was fun; we talked about his time in the Navy in '45 and '46, and about bribing his way into a union card in '49 or so. My mom will be moved to another facility on Saturday, about four miles away, so he will have to drive to visit her from then on.

Uncle Hyena
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