Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Eagle Women

Sunday's movies:

"Eagle Eye" is a SILLY movie. The cast, dialogue, and character work are good; the movie is more than adequately suspenseful IF you can manage to suspend your disbelief of the utterly impossible quasi-technology that makes the plot work. It's a BIG task; you are asked, up front, to buy into the existence of a massive AI that is linked into everything that CAN be linked into, and given the idea that cell phones can eavesdrop effectively on pretty much anything even when they are turned off. Well and good. But stretching that to, apparently, the idea that it is possible to remotely control ANYTHING that has electricity flowing through it (which, ultimately, the script requires), is asking a BIT too much.

"The Women" is exactly what it presents itself as, a story of a group of fairly successful, typically broken women dealing with life. The main conceit of the film is that there is not a single male voice in the whole thing. It's moderately entertaining soap opera, with a significantly overdone version of Bilbo's favorite ending.

Vaguely related: When I called Dementia from work on Sunday morning to discuss the movie schedule, the first suggestion I made was a double feature of "Nights in Rodanthe" and "The Women". Her response? "We'd die of estrogen poisoning." I love my wife...

Uncle Hyena
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