Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Miracle, Girlfriend, More Sailing

It rained on Monday. I went to the movies.

"Miracle at St. Anna" is pompous, long, and slow paced, but interesting and engaging in spite of all that. It should probably also be pointed out that, now that I have seen the movie, I still have no idea what the miracle of the title refers to. It also bothered me a bit that they were tossing around a more than life size marble head as if it weighed a few pounds, instead of the 30- plus it should have weighed.

"My Best Friend's Girl" was surprisingly good. The characters were mostly likable, the plot drove the humor (rather than the reverse), and there were a number of "Moonlighting" quality linguistic riffs that were nearly pretty much worth the price of admission. The only one that stayed in my mind was not the best of the breed, and more vulgar than most, but should give you an idea: "You're an anal retentive mama's boy who has beaten more meat than Rocky Balboa."

On Tuesday, I got up sort of early, fixed the gudgeons, and went sailing. It was only about 60 degrees, but there was more wind than I have had all year; I did two tours of the lake in a bit less than an hour and a half, though I never recorded a top speed over 6 mph. The water was easily warm enough to swim in, but when an odd wave splashed up though 60 degree air, it was COLD.

Uncle Hyena
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