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Payne, W, Drive, Religulous

The movie update:

On Saturday we saw "Max Payne", which was decent enough. The film owes a LOT to the visual style of "Sin City", and the plot got muddy and even silly at several points, but on the whole it was a pretty decent action movie.

On Sunday I did a solo double feature, with lunch and unexpected fair company in between.

"W." is odd. Given that it is by Oliver Stone, I expected it to be much more hostile than it was. Stone seems convinced that Bush really believed there WMDs in Iraq, but that for Cheney it was pure imperialism from the very beginning. I am personally inclined to think that NO ONE in the administration believed in Iraqi WMDs, which I guess makes me more cynical than Oliver Stone. Go figure. Also, Richard Dreyfuss has a significant physical resemblance to Dick Cheney, but he is just fundamentally too charismatic and likable to play the part convincingly.

"Sex Drive" is a road trip romantic comedy with frequent bits of meaningless gross out humor shuffled in. I enjoyed it; there was enough story to pay the freight on the stupidity. The single funniest moment of the movie, for my money, was the use of an inappropriately loud insertion of REO's "I Can't Fight This Feeling"(Yeah, you had to be there.). The deliberate miscasting of pudgy, moon faced Clark Duke as the lady killer friend was supposed to be funny, but the joke never worked, and the movie was somewhat damaged thereby.

On Monday I made a pilgrimage down to Lincolnshire to see "Religulous", and was glad I did. The movie tries hard to give the illusion of being open minded, but fails. It is often funny, and only occasionally heavy handed. The movie is ultimately religiously atheistic; that is, it begins with the assumption that all religious claims are false, and so of course reaches the conclusion that all religious claims are false. Maher concludes that "religion" is a mental illness from which humanity needs to recover quickly, because otherwise it will destroy the world. I would counter that the need for religion is much too deep in our psyches for any miraculous healing, but that religious certainty and ORGANIZED religions are social ills that we would be much better off without.

About that lunch on Sunday: I had an hour long layover between films on Sunday, and decided to treat myself with a solo trip to Red Robin. I arrived just as Allie, one of the waitresses who occasionally gets drawn into my traveling freak show, was getting off shift. She came by to say hello, and ended up sitting down opposite me and (mostly) listening to me blather for the whole time I was there. Pretty much made my day, and it wasn't a bad day to start with...

Uncle Hyena
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