Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Saw, Pride, Passengers, and the Vote

I worked five 12 hour days in a row over the weekend (Thursday through Monday), so I did a decompression double feature on Monday after I got off...

"Saw V" is not bad at all, given that it is a non-supernatural slasher. It had significantly more plot and character development than I expected, and I enjoyed it enough that I am considering tracking down the previous four movies on DVD. Obviously, this is NOT a movie for the squeamish...

"Pride and Glory" is a first rate cop vs. cop movie, pretty much everything "The Departed" was purported to be and so manifestly was not. It's worth seeing if this sort of thing is at all to your tastes.

On Tuesday, Dementia and I finally had our delayed weekend; we went out to lunch, saw a movie, and voted, so we are now reduced to being purely spectators in the quadrennial national circus...

"Passengers" is flat, slow and kind of dull in spite of the best efforts of the ever-luminous Anne Hathaway. This is a mis-direction story, but they were so busy setting up the Big Surprise that they never sold the story in the foreground. The same trick has been attempted with much more success in the past, but if I named the movies, I would give away the plot...

Uncle Hyena
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