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Uncle Hyena

Molly Hartley, Samhain

I got off work at noon on the 31st, and since I had taken the following day off (as has been my pattern for a while), I went to a decompression movie. It was Hallow E'en, there was one brand new horror movie, so I saw it. "The Haunting of Molly Hartley" is mostly a watered down, gender reversed version of "The Omen." It isn't awful, but it IS thoroughly mediocre. It does suffer a bit from odd casting; supporting actress Shannon Marie Woodward has so much more presence than star Haley Bennett that she steals every scene they share.

As I was leaving, I spent more time than usual kibitzing with the Tinseltown staff. Many of them were in costume; I was not. (OK, I had pinned on my brand new Jagermonster pin and tried to wear a cavalier hat, but it aggravated my headache, and I left the hat in the car.) One of the staffers asked me if going without a hat WAS my costume, and I growled a smile at her.

I don't dress up for Hallow E'en anymore. I don't move in social circles where I get invited to Hallow E'en parties; I have enough opportunities to wear costumes otherwise that I don't feel I MUST not waste one; the costume options for fat old men just don't excite me much.

And over the years, the holiday has become much less Hallow E'en and much more Samhain to me, and I don't NEED to dress up for Samhain. I take the night off specifically so that I can go out and walk on the night between the years, and I do so fearlessly. There are a thousand ghosts in my entourage; what need have I of masks? Last night, when the weather was as good as it has been in the small hours of November 1 in years, I went out for a walk at about 3:00 AM. My back was a mess, and I did not walk far; the clouds were thick, and I never saw the sky.

When I went to bed, I had been conscious for some 30 consecutive hours, and when I woke up, it was a new year.

Uncle Hyena
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