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Zach and Miri and More Sailing

On Sunday we did our weekly movie thing, lunch followed by, "Zach and Miri Make a Porno." This is the only movie I know of that had its TITLE cut for TV ads for being too raunchy... Kevin Smith likes vulgarity. He also like knows how to write solid characters, even in wildly improbable situations. The movie is a lot of fun, so very, very wrong...

We are having some unusually warm weather lately, and I found the chance to go sailing in November (In WISCONSIN? Get real.) irresistible. The air was warm, the water was COLD (Ok, I have been swimming in colder water, but wading in it to get the boat in and out was still unpleasant), and there was WIND. I still haven't figured out how to jibe this boat in decent wind in any kind of controlled fashion; I managed to sink not just the lee rail but the entire side deck twice, once while on I sitting on the lee side. It's scary to see the lake begin to pour into the cockpit (though I managed to recover after shipping only a few ounces), but it's even scarier when the lake comes up behind you and soaks the back of your shirt. I am glad that the boat is as stable and idiot proof as it is, because I tried REALLY hard to out-idiot it, and failed.

I did three laps of the lake in about two hours. The wind was out of the southwest, and the second half of each lap was one straight broad reach on a starboard tack. There was enough wind that there were six inch waves, and I was moving about 10% faster than they were. Chasing waves is just magical...

Uncle Hyena
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