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Quarantine, Musical

On Tuesday morning my employer called and asked me to come in for a midnight shift, and I am not in a position to refuse doubletime, so I said, Yes. Then, since I had already voted, and already knew who was going to win, I followed my original plan and went to the movies.

A friend had recommended "Quarantine", so, in spite of my better judgment, I watched. I had not figured out, from the trailers, that it was a "live camera" movie, in the fashion of "Blair Witch" and Cloverfield." Had I know that, I would have avoided this film, but I like Jennifer Carpenter... For a horror movie to work, it needs to make you care about at least one character, and then keep you guessing about that character's fate. Since "Quarantine" had made it clear that everyone was going to die in the trailers (and at about the 80% mark in the film itself, even if you missed the trailers), they had already blown half of that. They did a decent job of making you care about Jennifer Carpenter's character, at least for a while, but by the end of the movie she had done so much random thrashing about and shrieking that they had lost that too.

And then, to balance the damage done to my brain by "Quarantine", I risked another form of damage altogether and saw, "High School Musical 3: Senior Year." This is a G rated movie produced by Disney, aimed at 12 year olds, and largely filmed in Utah. It also contains not a single baritone or bass voice (and damned few altos). It squeaks on several levels... All the of the musical numbers are horribly over-produced, with significantly under-mixed vocals. On the other hand, the dancing is decent, and the movie is full of 22-playing-17 eye candy...

Uncle Hyena
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