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Quantum of Rock

Two movies this week...

"Quantum of Solace", the new James Bond movie, is a lot of fun. Daniel Craig continues to embody Bond as Flemming wrote him, and the rest of the cast is very good. The character scenes work, the stunts are fun, the eye candy is delightful, but... The continuity is weak, both in the scenes between the significant character pieces, and in the construction of the huge stunt sequences. One gets the feeling the director didn't much care how the story got from point A to point B, we're at point B now, shut up and listen to the dialogue. It's not that this isn't a worthy addition to the Bond canon, it's just that it could have been so much better with very little extra effort.

On Tuesday I went down to the hated Lincolnshire theater to see "RocknRolla", the latest offering from director Guy Ritchie. If you have seen, "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" and/or "Snatch", this is very much more of the same. Which is to say, a convoluted plot, bizarre underworld characters, lots a humor, and a fair amount of violence. I love this stuff...

On Monday I finally dealt with the leaves in the front yard, and did major trimming to one of the more irritating lesser trees. As I finished with the leaves, it was getting dark, and it was starting to snow, but I thought I could still cut down the nuisance trees on the south side of the house... I started to hack my way toward the tree trunk and managed to get a stray branch up my nose far enough to draw blood. Getting dark, snowing, and bleeding. Time to quit for a while; maybe next week...

Uncle Hyena
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