Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Twilight, Bolt, Polyamory Stand Up

Yesterday we did a double feature...

"Twilight" is neither as good as it might have been, nor as drippy as I feared it might be. Apparently many hard core vampire fans found the "vampires that sparkle" aspect offensive, and there is no question that the vampires of this mythos have THE best lives of any vampires in literature that I am aware of. It makes Edward's insistence that he is a monster kind of silly, though. The biggest flaw in the movie was Kristen Stewart's performance, which I have to blame on the director, because she is capable of so much more. Whenever Stewart has dialogue with ANY OTHER FEMALE, the other character steals the scene. Either Stewart was on serious downers, or the director was an idiot.

"Bolt" is a lot of fun. The premise is stupid beyond belief (Really. All of the machinations of "The Truman Show" to convince a DOG that he has super powers?), but the comedy works, and the plot as it plays out isn't half bad. All three of the main characters are engaging and fun. How can you NOT love a heroic hamster?

In other news, my friend Jason did open mike night at a local (to him) comedy club last week. Most of his material was on polyamory, of all things, and is seems to have gone over pretty well. His transcription of the event is here: http://darkwolf69.livejournal.com/484795.html

Finally, because it needs to be said: Dementia's parents took their land yacht to Idaho recently, and brought her back a plush owl by way of trip loot. He shortly acquired the name "Runcible", which shouldn't surprise anyone who knows us...

Uncle Hyena
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