Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Halfway Point

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Anderson, Indiana, more or less half way through this strange Conversation Quest vacation. It has been a good time, so far.

Tuesday, I left home at 11:45, intending to get to my dad's by 1:00, then realized I had forgotten the damned breathing machine (just like last year), went back to get it, and didn't get there until a bit after 2:00. We visited mother (who just stared at the ceiling lifelessly the whole time), had dinner, and talked about whatever; I left at about 8:30 and headed for Bloomington. That six and a half hour visit seems to have established a pattern... My speedometer crapped out as I was leaving Palos Park. A minor irritation, but not really an auspicious beginning...

I got together with Paul G. at 11:00 on Wednesday; we had lunch, then went to the ISU campus to find a background for the "Willie G. Photo Tour." We found one in the shape of a three foot long copper human hand, palm upward as if (this being Illinois, and all) asking for something. It is called "The Hand of Friendship", but I can't help but think of it as "The Grasping Hand." We also wandered around the campus looking at the various sculptural installations, and decided almost all of them we laid out as sacrificial circles. There are rumors of a web site: isusacrificescheduler.com. Should make the administration happy. After about six and a half hours, I took Paul home and dashed by to the east side of town to make my second conversation appointment of the day.

I have known Quin for about 6 years, when she was 16 and dating my young cousin Dan Bolt. Dan has since married someone else, but Quin and I have stayed in touch. We exchange e-mails, and every now and then we see each other face to face. This time she brought along Significant Other Tony, who was also charming and intelligent. We sat and talked in the restaurant for a few hours, and then relocated to my hotel room for a few hours more, ANOTHER six and a half hour visit in total. I can only hope they enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. I think they did; *I* chased THEM out at about 1:30 AM, when I realized I was only going to get four or five hours of sleep to lead into a 300 mile drive.

On Thursday I drove 200 miles from Bloomington to Anderson, checked into my hotel (after some strangeness having to do with defective key cards), and then drove back to Indianapolis to meet Deb (ex-wife of the legendary Clueless Tom) and her spouse Jenni. That meeting only lasted four hours, and again I was the one who suggested that we needed to either re-locate or adjourn we had worn out our welcome at the restaurant, and they needed to get up for work in the morning, and I had an hour's drive ahead of me, and was running on four hours sleep.

Today I am at loose ends until the evening, at which point encounter five (of seven) of this trip will begin.

Uncle Hyena
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