Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Home Again

On Friday I went to see "Delgo" in the afternoon, and then spent most of five hours hanging out with Steve Lortz and various of his friends. There had been rumors that we were going to do a miniature re-enactment of the battle of the Tower of Cirith Ungol (which is mostly just an orc versus orc slug fest), but the gaming got lost in the food and conversation. We DID manage to set fire to the toaster oven, though.

On Saturday I drove down to Louisville, saw "Let the Right One In," and then spent several hours with Jason, Angela, and Kate (all of whom I know primarily from LiveJournal, though I did meet them all face to face when Tom Smith did a concert for Jason's birthday back in 2006). Jason put lights on the family Christmas tree, pizza was eaten, conversation was had. I sang Jon Kaufman's "Meet the Deep Ones"...

On Sunday I pushed to get from Louisville to Kalamazoo, about 350 miles, by 5:00 PM. That done, I got together with Scott B. for the first time in WAY too many years. Much conversation was had, and once again I sang, "Meet the Deep Ones." (I REALLY like "Meet the Deep Ones"...)

Common threads in all of this: Gaming and politics, in particular Blago...

Leaving Kalamazoo this morning, I managed to break the outside door handle on the passenger side of the Jeep, and then, about 40 miles down the road, I rolled the thing. Spun out, took off across the median at about a 45 degree angle, managed to turn before actually leaving the median, and ALMOST got the thing under control before it caught the trench in middle of the median and went up on two wheels. There was a moment where I thought that if I just lurched in the right direction, it would settle back onto its wheels, but... THUMP. I shut off the engine, disengaged the seat belt, and eventually disentangled my feet from the steering wheel, and popped my head out the passenger door in time to flash a double thumbs up to a concerned citizen on the far shoulder. By the time I had climbed out, the police were there, and I hid from the cold in a squad car while waiting for a tow. The tow truck pulled the Jeep back onto its wheels, I looked it over, fired it up, and (after I paid off the two truck driver) drove away. There wasn't even a police report; the cop said there were no injuries, and not enough damage to report. Two hundred miles later, I was home...

Uncle Hyena
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