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Torino, Unborn, Dutchman, Surburban, Ascent

On Sunday we did our usual lunch and a movie thing; on Monday we had lunch we Dementia's parents (celebrating father-in-law's birthday), and then I went out to a movie by myself in the afternoon. Somewhere along the line we watched two DVDs and an ancient VHS tape...

"Gran Torino" is a Clint Eastwood movie. It is not as depressing as "Million Dollar Baby"; it is not as much fun as "Bronco Billy". Having said that, you get what you expect, allowing for the fact that Clint is pushing 80: Love, loss, courage, honor, friendship, and violence. And a happy ending, sort of.

"The Unborn" is a pretty decent horror movie for about the first 70 of its 87 minutes, and then it drowns in dumb special effects. Star Odette Yustman is utterly luscious, and manages to sell most of her lines; she will likely be a decent actress in a few years. James Remar, playing Yustman's father, disappears without a trace about halfway through the movie; apparently they couldn't be bothered to write his character out of the script. Still, it DOES work pretty well for most of its length, and the eye candy is wonderful.

"Pandora and the Flying Dutchman" is a 1951 romantic fantasy set in Spain in 1931. It stars Ava Gardner and James Mason, and is simply wonderful. Yes, it is a bit dated, and the pacing could be better, but it is still a VERY strong bit of romance/fantasy/horror from a time when very little of that sort of thing was being made. Yes, Mason is THE Dutchman; Gardner is NOT THE Pandora, she is just a charming, beautiful (and vaguely evil) woman with some interesting karmic baggage. I need to watch it again...

"Suburban Girl" is a Sarah Michelle Gellar vehicle from 2007 that seems to be an American version of "Bridget Jones" with most of the humor removed. It isn't unwatchable or even unpleasant, it's just flat.

"Dark Angel: The Ascent" is a grade Z horror film that I picked up used at the comic store for a dollar, and forgot about for several months. It turns out to be a pretty watchable, very strange quasi-horror movie that has a happy ending. Angela Featherstone plays a demon fugitive who is trying to redeem herself by killing evildoers, and who manages to fall in love along the way... Yes, it is silly and has all sorts of problems, but it was fun for all of that, and I enjoyed it.

Uncle Hyena
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