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On Wednesday, after the seventh consecutive 12 hour day, I had lunch with co-worker Ed (also known as Hemo in various alternate realities), then went to a movie. Thursday I drove down to Lincolnshire for a double feature.

"My Bloody Valentine": Fifty years ago, 3D was a stupid gimmick that generally encouraged directors to pay more attention to effects than story, and specifically to use what would otherwise be bad blocking and bad camera techniques to set up 3D effects. Fifty years later, nothing has changed. That said, this movie is solidly mediocre.

"The Wrestler": This is the third movie I have seen in the last month that dealt with aging and loss. It is the saddest of the lot, though it is certainly well made. Mickey Rourke is excellent, and his condition is amazing.

"Paul Bart, Mall Cop": This is an uneven comedy, roughly attempting to parody "Die Hard". The cast is very good, the script is extremely weak. I suspect that there were several points where someone said, "So how do we segue from this bit to the next one? I can't come up with anything that makes sense." And someone else replied, "Who cares? Just jump scenes." All of the bad guys in the film were incredible athletes, and were shown doing all sorts of very cool stunts that were really utterly unrelated to the plot. And, of course, the Segway once again is shown to be a really clever toy that has no other purpose in the world.

In other news:

Fragment from conversation in the cafeteria: Misery might love company, but Agony would really rather be left alone.

And Dementia suggests that "Zombie Kazoo Band" is something that NEEDS some kind of physical manifestation (I was playing the chorus from Jonathan Coulton's "Re: Your Brains" on the kazoo at the time.).

Uncle Hyena
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