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Six Movies and Various Miscelany

For the Wednesday Decompression Movie, I talked Dementia into accompanying me to "Last Chance Harvey" which is an excellent, if rather geriatric, romantic comedy. Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson are both impossibly charming AND very real. Of course, the movie doesn't really EXIST at the box office...

"Notorious" is a decent bio-drama, I suppose. I had never heard of the main character before I saw the trailers, and the film assumes a certain level of background knowledge which I did not have. The performances are good and the story is well presented, and it almost made me care. Still, the pervasive vulgarity of rap leaves me very cold.

"Revolutionary Road" is one of the most depressing and pointless films I have ever seen. I understand why it would appeal to actors, and people who are more interested in the craft of acting than in story; the film has many GREAT scenes. This is, for the most part, another tale of stupid people being unhappy, made even worse by the failed attempt of Kate Winslet's character to break free.

"New in Town" is supposed to be a romantic comedy, but isn't quite. There is a romance that is too thin to carry the movie, and a comedy that is too thin to carry the movie, and an honest drama that is too thin to carry the movie, but together it all works pretty well.

"Taken" is a first rate thriller. It has its share of improbabilities, but very few flat out impossibilities. It is a bit relentless and humorless, but it manages to turn that into an asset, mostly, but winking at the tendency in the opening and closing scenes.

"Frost/Nixon" is exactly what it is advertised as, an excellent presentation of an interesting bit of historical trivia. I am inclined to doubt that the interviews were as historically significant as the film declares; the people who wanted Nixon's blood still wanted it, and the people who still liked Nixon (of whom there were plenty; consider that there are still people who like BUSH...) still liked him.

In other news, January 30 marks the anniversary of the 1649 execution of England's Charles I, another of those "Revolt Against Management" holidays. One of these days I need to put together a calendar...

Monday was Imbolc, and its bizarre vaguely de-paganized cover, Groundhog Day. There is (still) a poem... http://unclehyena.livejournal.com/98377.html

February has well and truly arrived.

Uncle Hyena
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