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The Wednesday Decompression Movie was "The Uninvited", which turned out to be a pretty decent misdirection thriller. There is what seems to be going on, and something else that you sort of suspect might be going on because you have seen a movie or two before, and the one critical bit of information that will make everything clear if you pick up on it (I didn't, and felt well tricked thereby). It's worth seeing, if you have a taste for psychological horror.

On Thursday night I went to a Fathom Special Presentation of "Sword of the Stranger", a first rate English re-dub of a Japanese samurai animation. The main villains are Chinese, and spoke Chinese subtitled into Japanese in the original, so in the re-dub they speak Chinese subtitled into English. It's a bit odd, until you get used to it, but a decent movie overall. I may buy a copy someday.

The Friday Double Feature was "He's Just Not That Into You" and "Push"...

"He's Just Not That Into You" is an excellent ensemble relationship comedy, in the style of "Love Actually." It isn't as good as "Love Actually", but it is still a good movie, and a lot of fun.

"Push" is contemporary science fiction, essentially costume-less superheros. It doesn't all make sense, but it comes close, and is fun to watch. It would come closer to making sense if it had been Dakota Fanning's character, rather than Chris Evans', that wrote the letters... (this will make sense if you see the whole film...)

On Saturday we decided to find one of the three Chicago area theaters that is showing "Fanboys", and headed down to South Barrington, by way of Unique Gifts and Games in Grayslake (I had been there on Wednesday and told Dementia that they had a decent occult/wicca section that she wanted to check out). I made a couple of wrong turns, because I was experimenting with an unfamiliar route, but we got there in the end.

"Fanboys" is possibly the funniest movie I have ever seen. It certainly drew more laughter from the audience than any other movie I have ever attended. Of course, you have to be a fairly well informed science fiction fan to really appreciate it... It tells the story of four demented fans who decide, in November of 1998, to drive from Ohio to California and steal a copy of the barely completed "Phantom Menace". They are motivated to do so by the fact that one of their number is dying of cancer, and will not live to see the legitimate release date (oddly, the cancer plot almost ended up on the cutting room floor, a stupid idea that would have killed the film). The film is exuberantly silly, but it has so much heart that it doesn't matter.

Finally, and a vague segue off of "Fanboys": I know I have posted this link before, but it bears repeating. It leads to an intelligent and hilarious analysis of what really happened in the original Star Wars Trilogy, and manages to rationalize away all of the continuity issues that Lucas couldn't be bothered with.


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