Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

A Rant

Twice in the last month (once on a episode of "Psych", and once in the film, "He's Just Not That Into You"), I have seen Wiccans (by name) portrayed as clueless, ineffectual jerks. This bothers me.

To be fair, the character in "Into You" was a clueless, ineffectual jerk who just happened to be Wiccan; he would have filled his dramatic niche just as well as a BA Xian, or even better (but this will NEVER happen in Hollywood) a Scientologist. And there is no question that neo-pagans, of all stripes, are numerically marginal, so I was not THAT offended by the instance.

On "Psych", though, there was a very clear implication that ALL Wiccans are clueless idiots, and that offended me a great deal. The writer was obviously ignorant of the extent of his bigotry, but the fact remains.

There is much that is absurd in every religion, viewed from within or from without. There is plenty of legitimate material for comedy there. But there are also decent, worthwhile people in EVERY religion, even the ones that are fundamentally based on fraud, and they don't deserve to be ridiculed by cretins who haven't bothered to do their homework.

Uncle Hyena
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