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Ice, Morgen, Dogs, Friday, Kevin, Hood, Coraline, Cheering, and Water Street Bridge

Movies first: Thursday I saw "Hotel for Dogs" and "Friday the 13th"; Friday we saw "Coraline" and "Fired up."

"Hotel for Dogs" is silly and smarmy and saccharine, but it manages to have a soul anyway; there are a couple of points where characters do self-destructive things with their eyes wide open, because they are RIGHT. I love that kind of stuff...

"Friday the 13th" is a mediocre horror movie that suffers considerably from being part of a franchise (dramatically, anyway; it would have been a better movie if not for the franchise, but it would not have made as much money). Jason is just an irrational killing force that follows no rules at all, which significantly limits the dramatic possibilities. And the thing has another one of those STOOPID "Gotcha" endings that I hate. On the other hand, I quite accidentally saw this movie as a private showing at an IMAX theater, which was pretty cool.

"Coraline" is a really cool movie will give any child with the least bit of imagination nightmares. It's cute and silly and full of bizarre and disturbing images and concepts. It also ends happily, which MAY make up for all of the strangeness along the way. Maybe.

"Fired Up" is a come-from-behind sports movie with some significant variations on the theme, and a whole lot of cheesecake. We enjoyed it well enough, though the 25-playing-17 syndrome was more obvious than usual.

Now, the daily narrative:

I worked a half shift on Thursday, and as I was leaving the house on Wednesday night, I got trapped in the car. There had been snow, and the driver's door was ice welded shut. I got in through the passenger's door, got the driver's door open, climbed in, shut the door, and started the engine so the car would warm up while I scraped the ice off of the windows. Except... water had gotten into the door, and the inside door handle didn't work. I couldn't open the window and use the outside handle, because the window was still ice welded shut. I played with it a bit, and then crawled out the passenger's door, which was an irritating and highly undignified process (BIG guy, LITTLE car...).

Got to work, did my six hours and had breakfast in the cafeteria, went to the DMV and got a new driver's license (in and out in 12 minutes...), then went to Round Lake to have lunch with Morgen (brownkitty of LJ), with whom I have not had a real conversation in something like three years. Three and a half hours later, I headed down to Lincolnshire for a very tight double feature, and then further south to Capricon in Wheeling, where I me Kevin (jorin of LJ) and his wife Ashley for dinner. I haven't had a chance to sit down and talk to THEM in over two years...

On our way to our usual Friday lunch-and-a-movie, we stopped for gas, and the car's hood latch decided to stop working. (Have I mentioned that I am well and truly SICK of winter?) We limped a couple of miles and got lunch and the movie taken care of, and then I tied the hood shut (I am not too worried about driving one mile at 30 with only the backup latch; 15 miles with speeds up to 60, I take precautions), played the car shuffle and got the Toyota in for servicing, and then dug in for the night.

On Saturday Dementia cleaned the house and I cowered in terror (which is what I do while Dementia is cleaning and I can't otherwise escape), then we picked up the Toyota and headed to Elgin for a Water Street Bridge house concert (hosted by lifeonwry of LJ). Since Water Street Bridge is supposed to be a duo, and there were always three and sometimes four people on stage, is was something more along the lines of 3/2 of Water Street Bridge and 2/3 of Seelie Court. Still, a good time was had by all, including intermission and after conversation with the Amazing Nikki and her recent fiance Steve, whom I had not yet met.

Water Street Bridge does highly eclectic neo-folk. Up to four voices, and an impressive array of instruments and talent: Violin alternating with viola, plus some combination of two guitars, resonator guitar, button accordion, ukulele, baritone ukulele, two mandolins, doumbek, bodhran, soprano recorder, train whistle, and a whole lot of miscellaneous percussion. Fun stuff.

Uncle Hyena
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