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Bryan, Dentist, Witch, March

On Wednesday I had lunch with Tinseltown denizen Bryan, which was fun; we did the traditional Swapping of Lies, and then both of us drifted across the parking lot to Tinseltown, him to work and me to watch "Watchmen" for the second time. It is fun to watch, has some great bits, and poses a rather wonderful (if GRIM) ethical riddle: Is it legitimate to deliberately kill millions of people in order to save billions?

On Thursday, Dementia and I got up far too early and headed down to Elmhurst to see the dentist, then had lunch and went grocery shopping. We lead such exciting lives (but the company was good).

On Friday, we did the movie thing...

"Miss March" is a silly, stupid comedy with lots of T&A and plenty of gross out jokes, and yet we liked it well enough. This raises the question of why we enjoyed this, while we loathed the better written, better cast, and generally better made "Knocked Up." My answer, for now at least, is that we managed to feel some affection for the hapless protagonist of "Miss March", and that was not possible with "Knocked Up" (or "Superbad", or any number of other comedies). (We prefer our comedies to focus on the schlimazel rather than the schlimiel...)

"Race to Witch Mountain" a PG rated action movie by Disney. Lots of stuff gets destroyed, NO ONE gets hurt. The cast is good, the characters are engaging, the story is SILLY. We enjoyed it.

Uncle Hyena
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