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Left, Knowing, Duplicity, Sunshine, Bach

I worked on Thursday, which offset the Wednesday Decompression Movie by a day. I saw, "The Last House on the Left," which was surprisingly good. It's a splatter movie, but reasonably intelligent and well written for all of that. The villains had motive, mostly, and it was easy to care about the protagonists. The final "stinger" scene was a bit silly, but didn't ruin the movie.

Friday's double feature went from stupid ("Knowing") to silly ("Duplicity")...

"Knowing" thinks that it has philosophical depth and an intelligent plot. It is, unfortunately, wrong on both counts. The cast is decent, but the direction is heavy handed, and the end result is just pointless.

"Duplicity" is a complicated caper movie that should have been a great deal of fun, if only the central characters had been likable. Clive Owens as Ray is, Julia Roberts as Claire is not. The idea that corporate espionage goes on at the level described in the film is laughable, but again, the film would have been fun if they had been able to make me care, but they did not.

On Saturday we made a trip down to Glenview to see "Sunshine Cleaning", which is advertised as a comedy. It isn't one; it is rather a moderately depressing slice of life with significant surreality around the edges. Still, Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, and Alan Arkin are each, in their own way, adorable, and the movie is pleasant enough.

Saturday may have been J.S. Bach's birthday, depending on how you count. Dementia chose to celebrate by playing Don Dorsey's "Bachbusters" CD; I wandered in to listen to "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor", and "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring", which, as usual, brought tears to my eyes. Then I went downstairs and pulled up Apollo 100's "Joy" on YouTube. Amazing fellow, that Johann. (I have had two truly magical experiences with Bach; I am not sure I have ever written either of them down; I may just do that...)

Uncle Hyena
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