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Super, Man

Dementia was down with a cold most of last week; I started to develop symptoms on Sunday. I bullied my way through Monday, worked two extra hours on Tuesday to accommodate a co-worker, and got to leave two hours early (10:00 AM) on Wednesday. In spite of being exhausted, sick, and in enough pain to consume near toxic levels of OTC painkillers, it was Movie Day, Dammit!

Getting off early meant I had a time for a leisurely lunch, including a certain amount of routine flirtation with Young Jim Hawkins (who is female, comely, and more than a little bright), and got to the theater in plenty of time...

"Super Capers" is a really good movie to see when you are sick, tired, and zoned on painkillers. I would advise against watching it under any other conditions, or at all, probably. It seems to have been patterned on the 1960s "Batman" TV show, updated by 40 years, and flooded with pointless pop culture references. On the other hand, tons of B list actors having a very good time, and fairly attractive women in Spandex. And it did use the theme for "Greatest American Hero" as an end title, a song for which I have an enormous soft spot (due mostly to the "Wing and a Prayer" reference; I never watched the show).

"I Love You, Man" had somewhat less humor, and MUCH more depth, than I expected, though much of that is likely projection on my part; the movie pushed many of my introspection buttons. Paul Rudd is working hard to become the Archetypal Wimp, and he makes a great deal of progress on that goal in this film, but it works, for once. There was a fair amount of truly clever humor, the main characters were more endearing than they were irritating, and I enjoyed the film far more than I expected. (Though it should be remembered that I was, once again, sick, exhausted, and zoned on painkillers...)

I spent most of Thursday and Friday in bed feeling miserable, and then dragged myself into work today (and will again tomorrow; it is much easier to work sick for time and a half, or double time, than for straight time...)

Uncle Hyena
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