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Monsters, Haunting, Hamster, Poker, Adventureland, Rounds

Movies first: Wednesday's movies were "Monsters vs. Aliens" and "The Haunting in Connecticut"; Saturday's were "Adventureland" and "12 Rounds".

"Monsters" is nothing special. It isn't awful, it isn't great, it IS, in fact, pretty relentlessly mediocre. It did have the occasional glimmer of more, though; consider the best line of the movie (This is NOT a spoiler!), delivered by Hugh Laurie's Doctor Cockroach in a voice that sounded amazingly like Tim Curry: "By Hawking's Chair!"

"Haunting" is pretty good. I am becoming something of a fan of PG-13 horror movies; they can't do spatter, and they can't do nudity, so they have to actually have PLOT if they hope to make any money. They don't, necessarily, but the quality of writing tends to be better for PG-13 horror than it does for R horror. Though it does mean knowing in advance that there will be no prurient payoff when Wendy Crew gets attacked by the poltergeist while showering...

"Adventureland" is NOT a comedy, ad campaigns to the contrary notwithstanding. It is a coming of age slice of life, strongly reminiscent of "Dazed and Confused". It isn't as good as "Dazed and Confused", but it is certainly good enough.

"12 Rounds" is the sort of movie where the stunt coordinator probably should get more credit than the director. Stuff blows up, stuff gets smashed, stuff gets blown up AND smashed... It is indicative of the amount of care that went into writing and editing this thing that, while it is necessary to the plot that Ashley Scott's character make her living as a rescue helicopter pilot, they don't bother to work that fact into the script until the end of the film, when she has to fly a helicopter. Sad, really...

Otherwise... On Thursday I had lunch and conversation with Carl the Were-hamster (infinitysquared of LJ). On Friday I visited my parents (my mother was unusually lucid, relatively speaking), had dinner with my dad, and then played in Brother Pete's monthly poker tournament. I had never played Texas Hold'em before, and managed to finish 9th out of 20, (plus two re-starts, so really 22). Not too shabby. I will probably go back for the next two or three, before my schedule changes and I have to work Friday nights...

Uncle Hyena
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