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Television Thoughts

The US version of "Life on Mars" ended last week, and did so stupidly. The BBC version of "Life on Mars" was a complete story, with a beginning, a middle, and a very definite end. The US version was conceived as open-ended, thus depriving it of the BBC versions theme and its most powerful image. While the US version had some good writing and some great character work along he way, it never caught on, and ended up being one episode SHORTER than the BBC version. And the end of the US version was STOOPID, reducing the entire show to a bizarre dreamscape. Ugh.

"E.R." also ended last week, and it did so with class. They managed to provide a great deal of closure while at the same time making it very clear that (fictional) business would continue as usual. The last line was clever to the point of brilliance.

In other TV news... I have occasionally railed about the slash market, on behalf of the actors whose characters are being mauled in the process. I know I wouldn't like it, as a writer or as an actor, and I have always suspected that they would not, either. So... In the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly, it is revealed that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have been made aware of a fanfic phenomenon known as "Wincest". They think it is "creepy", and wish it would stop...

Uncle Hyena
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