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Fast, Dragonball

It's been pretty quiet; I ALMOST have the taxes done...

On Wednesday I say "Fast and Furious", which is a silly movie with lots of pretty cars going very fast and doing highly improbable, but vaguely possible, things. The plot does an adequate job of providing a framework for the car stunts, though it references the original "The Fast and the Furious" far too much. Vin Diesel's favorite car is referred to as a Chevelle, but it looks like a Nova that was gimmicked to look like a Chevelle from the front. Or maybe my car spotting skills are slipping (though I used to OWN a '71 Chevelle...).

"Dragonball Evolution" is the flakiest retread of "Into the West" yet, but fun to watch for all of that. This is largely due to the excellence of the cast, who seem to have been chosen for acting ability rather than martial arts prowess (though they demonstrate a fair amount of that, too; it isn't ALL special effects).

We had intended to follow "Dragonball" with a showing of the Hannah Montana movie (though I did comment that after a PG martial arts movie and a G celebrity drama, we would probably have to watch something pornographic in the evening just to re-establish our perspective), but we had forgotten that it was Good Friday, and therefore a school holiday, and the matinees had capacity crowds of adolescent girls. We chose the better part of valor, and went home.

I have been gratified to see that the various Dave Arneson obits give Dave the credit he is due: Dave's Blackmoor WAS the first fantasy RPG campaign; Gary took Dave's game and turned it into something commercial. Both men were necessary to get to where we are today. My favorite, I think, was a private offering by fantasy writer Mike Stackpole, whose very readable obit came down to a variation on Dizzy Gillespie's comment on Louis Armstrong: "No him, no me."

Uncle Hyena
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