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Meaghan, Two Doctors, Soloist, Earth, Opcon

On Wednesday, I saw my sleep therapist for the first time in about a year, and all seems well. There will be more tests, of course... After that I watched a re-tread movie, and then had dinner with in the Amazing Meglet, whom I have also not seen in about a year. Much elliptical conversation was had. 'Twas fun.

On Thursday we got up early and FINALLY caught up to our chiropractor for the first time in about ten months (he's slippery...). I have been doing pretty well without him, but Dementia needed some tuning.

On Friday we showed up for what we thought was an early public matinee of "Earth", only to find that it was packed to the gills with school children, and wasn't really supposed to have been listed on the web at all. We turned to leave, since nothing else was showing at that hour, and the manager said, "Weren't you going to see two movies? What was the other one?" So we got a genuine, DELIBERATE private screening of "The Soloist" out of the deal. (I get accidental private screenings all the time, just because no one else shows up. But this time the projector was actually turned on at an unscheduled time specifically for US. Very cool.)

"The Soloist" is worthwhile and well made, but unpleasant to watch none the less; Jamie Foxx as the title character is MUCH too good at presenting the horror of schizophrenia.

"Earth" is beautiful and vacant. It is a series of nearly random sequences from various episode of "Nature" strung together with a narrative that attempts to make a cohesive whole out of it, and fails. Still, the photography is amazing.

Saturday was the 19th iteration of OpCon. There has been yet another change of faculty sponsor, and this year's OpCon was REALLY small and quiet. Since I had to be at work at midnight, we were only there for about an hour and a half. The best part of the trip was when Dementia and I joined OpCon perennial Lee Darrow in a conversation with the NEW faculty sponsor, advising her on some of the tricks she had missed, and generally telling her a bit about the history of Chicago area science fiction fandom.

Uncle Hyena
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