Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Angels, Demons, and Green Vermin

On Friday, we saw "Angels and Demons". It is essentially a James Bond movie, except that the main character doesn't carry a gun, loses any fist fights he gets into, and never gets laid. It was entertaining, but you could sail aircraft carriers through the plot holes. And if you are killing people and destroying things on a piece work basis, and your employer gives you a car along with the last payment of the contract? Do NOT start it. How stupid can you get?

On Thursday and Saturday, I did yard work and home repair, including the destruction of several annoying small trees and this year's first Slaughter of the Green Vermin (mowing the lawn). I also dredged the extension ladder out of the garage and repaired some gutters that I should have fixed a decade ago, and determined the cause of the extremely irritating leak in our living room (the repair of which I am going to turn over to professionals). Chainsaws are fun, particularly when you don't slice off any of your own appendages...

Uncle Hyena
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