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On February 27, under the influence of a bit of very artificial time pressure, I signed up for an on-line writing creativity course called, "How to Think Sideways" by Holly Lisle. I dropped $25 (for the first of twelve months), got my confirmation, logged onto the site, freaked out, logged out, and kicked myself at irregular intervals for the next 12 weeks (and two more monthly fees) for being a complete head case because I couldn't make myself even look at the fool thing.

On Sunday, I wrote a letter of resignation from the course, and once it was written (but before I hit the "Send" button), I found I was able to log onto the site and read through the first week's lesson. And the second. And then I went back and deleted the letter of resignation.

It's a good course; I am learning things; I may even learn Useful Things. We shall see.

The course is also going to be a very, very unpleasant experience, because it forces me to spend time in some of the more unpleasant areas of my skull.

And then there is stuff like this: "Writing is not your burden. It is not a ball and chain to which you are shackled. You do not write out of obligation to yourself or to the world. You write because writing bubbles up inside you, makes you float, transports you instantly to anyplace your mind can travel. Writing is weightless, if you dare to let it be."

Says you, lady. I got into writing because, 33 years ago, it seemed the only reasonable alternative to jumping off of a tall building (and the building would wait...). I HAVE to do it, my survival depends on it, but there is NO joy there at all.

Uncle Hyena
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