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Dance, Trek, Up, Bloom, Relatives

On Wednesday I saw "Star Trek" in Tinseltown's new digital theater, and then watched "Dance Flick".

"Star Trek" loses nothing the second time around, but doesn't gain anything, either. And digital projection... It is a good thing to have an utterly perfect image, I think. The complete absence of scratches and flicker, though, make it seem a bit colder. No doubt I will adapt to that; I can adapt to anything.

"Dance Flick" managed to burrow under my extremely low expectations. I smiled, slightly, ONCE. And the occasional bits of freestyle dancing that might have paid the freight failed to materialize as well. I REALLY should have followed my impulse to walk out after about ten minutes, but there was no way to know that...

On Thursday I took First Aid and CPR for the 34th time. It was a flat class, not nearly as interesting or amusing as the last two times I have taken this class at work. Though they did manage to avoid the linguistic horror of calling and "impaling object" an "impaled object" by not mentioning the topic at all.

On Friday my father and his sister, my Aunt Neil, visited. We talked, we ate lunch, they left. Aunt Neil is two years older than my day, and significantly healthier, though quite hard of hearing. We talked about the possibility of me visiting her over my July hyper-weekend, which should be fun.

After they left, we rushed north to barely catch the beginning of "Up" (we missed the opening short), which was wonderful. The first fifteen minutes of the film will crawl inside you and tear your heart out, and the rest of the film is very good. Just don't think about the physics. Ever. Really.

On Saturday we hauled ourselves down to Lincolnshire to see "The Brothers Bloom", which is a pretty good con-man movie. There was much about the movie that I LOVED, though the ending put me off, a bit. Still, it was a great deal of fun along the way.

There is "Sideways" stuff, but it will wait for another post.

Uncle Hyena
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