Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Diet, More Creativity

I have been doing low carb for 8 weeks now, and have lost 17 pounds. I broke my cola fast during the 6th week, at 1114 hours, and that single glass of REAL Coca-cola was a letdown. In the nearly two weeks since then, I have had small quantities, a total of less than two liters (and consider, I went through four liters a DAY for many years).

"How to Think Sideways" is continuing to beat me up. I am having no more luck with clustering than ever, and as for other things... Apparently what passes for an original idea in the recesses of my cranium is to take a well known story and make it interesting by changing the setting or characters in a bizarre way. And apparently my sub-conscious STILL wants me to try to write the adult oriented amalgamation of "Peter Pan" and "Gilligan's Island". I am by turns amused and horrified by that.

Uncle Hyena
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