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The Shiek and the Dustbin (George MacDonald Fraser)
A Highlander leftenant and the men of his unit befriend a geriatric Algerian rebel that they are forced to guard for the French in 1946 North Africa.

The Way We Die (David Drake)
A soldier in Viet Nam explains the reasons he has set a lethal booby trap for his commanding officer while waiting for the trap to go off.

The Man Who Sold the Moon (Robert A. Heinlein)
An industialist swindles, cheats and cajoles humanity into flying to the moon, then makes it commercially viable, then has to swindle, cheat, and cajole even more to get to make the flight once, and fatally, himself.

The Velveteen Rabbit (Margery Williams)
A toy rabbit goes through the long and often painful process of being loved and becoming real.

A Rose for Ecclesiastes (Roger Zelazny)
A linguist with the first Terran expedition to Mars falls in love, translates "Ecclesiastes" into Martian, and accidentally convinces the Martians to go on living.


Scout's Progress (Sharon Lee and Steve Miller)
An abused mathematician wins a star ship in a card game, falls in love, learns to fly, and escapes from her abusive family.

Gossamer Axe (Gael Baudino)
An Irish harpist who has escaped from a centuries-long exile in Faerie turns to electricity (and Heavy Metal) for a means to free her still-captive lover.

Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers (Grant Naylor)
The last surviving human struggles improbably to find his way back to Earth.


A dying warrior duels his own son in a wager against Death for the chance to die in battle.

Under the Wolf's Head
A doomed band of orcish mercenaries conspire to die honorably and avenge themselves in the process.

The Spider and the Widget
A retired swindler gets pulled into one last job and finds his new partner has set him up as a mark.

The Girl on the Hearth
A young woman uses guile and magic to rise from servant to queen.

Heart's Desire
A philanderer learns that it is possible to have much too much of a good thing.

A group of mercenaries faced with an impossible desert crossing demonstrate what is possible if you are sufficiently desperate and ruthless.

Sister Sacrifice (Mage Knight Rebellion Fanfic)
An elven soldier learns that her sister has turned into a leather clad killing machine, and why.

Gordian Klingons (Star Trek TOS Fanfic)
A starship captain gives his crew a lesson in the inevitable dark side of politics.

Triage (Firefly Fanfic)
A physician turned black marketeer buys his freedom with debts against his soul.
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