Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Mad Dogs and Englishmen...

No movies this week, so far.

On Wednesday I had lunch, or something, with Tinseltown denizen Robert at 3:00 PM. We camped at Red Robin until the supper rush started, then hit the adjacent Ben and Jerry's. We called it quits at about 6:30. There was the usual hyperbolic conversation. Good times, indeed.

My productive effort on Thursday consisted of finally assembling the weird Rube Goldberg rowing rig ( http://www.forwardfacingrowingsystem.com/ ) I have had for a few years; Friday I packed and drove down to Mount Vernon with the Vector in tow. Eventually. I lost an hour to forgetting the verdamnt CPAP (again), and another hour and tons of personal serenity to a traffic jam that shouldn't have been in Chicago in mid-afternoon (How do people STAND to live in cities?). I finally got into my hotel at about 9:30 PM.

Saturday was the annual Rend Lake Messabout. My plan was to put in at a free ramp on the east side of the lake, sail across to the bay where the messabout was being held, hang out for awhile, then sail back. There was barely enough wind to sail past the breakwater around the boat ramp; that took nearly an hour. Then I broke out my newly installed oars and rowed across the lake, with the sail up and the rudder installed in the hope that some wind would appear. It didn't, or it didn't for more than a minute or two at a time (which was just about enough to let me work out some of the kinks from rowing). Rowing three miles in a boat that was NOT built for it at midday is NOT fun; the sun block worked pretty well, but one always misses something (the back of my neck that I can't reach, and a one inch strip around my ankles...). There was general speculation that I was on the verge of heat stroke (not shared by me, by the way; I have abused myself enough over the years that I have a pretty good idea of when things start to slip, at least when someone asks me about it) when I finally got there. I hitched a ride back to my car, and drove it to the ramp a hundred yards by water (and a half mile by road) from the messabout. Eventually some wind showed up, and I took my boat's designer, Jim Michalak, out for a ride. After that I put the boat away, then hung out some more and got back to the hotel at about 9:30. I took a fast swim, and hit Pizza Hut for the second night in a row (allowing me an opportunity to compare and contrast the difference between being merely tired and frazzled with being damaged and truly exhausted).

There was no wind in the forcast for this afternoon, either, so I came home. Now I have three days of vacation in front of me, and no plans. An idle mind is the devil's tennis court...

Uncle Hyena
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