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When last we visited our indolent and exhausted protagonist, he had several unscheduled days in front of him...

On Monday I went up to Lake Geneva and played board games with Ernie Gygax, his brother Luke, Tom Wham, and a couple of other people. We went through "Liar's Dice", a Tom Wham original (imagine "Puerto Rico" with feudal trappings, occasional die roles, and a bit of combat), "San Juan", "Can't Stop", and "Stone Age". I won the four player game of Liar's Dice by a shut out (a pretty neat trick) and proceeded to make my usual compulsive mistakes in everything but "Can't Stop" (someday I will learn that planning for a three hour game gets you nowhere when the game ends in 90 minutes...).

On Tuesday I went to the movies; I saw "Imagine That" and re-watched "The Hangover". "Imagine That" has a little too much Eddie Murphy, but not enough to kill the movie altogether (I can not think of a single comedian, offhand, whom I do not prefer as a straight actor to his trademark shtick...). "The Hangover" stands up quite well to subsequent viewings...

On Wednesday I tried to go sailing again, and again had no wind. I ended up rowing another three miles. But Brother Rat still spoke true...

On Thursday I mowed some of the lawn, ran some errands, and generally goofed off.

On Friday we had lunch and saw "The Taking of Pelham 123" and "The Proposal". "Pelham" is a decent thriller, a worthy successor to the original, and "Proposal" is a tolerable romantic comedy.

And then on the way home... There was a significant thunderstorm while we were watching "Proposal"; the thunder intruded on the movie, as did the RAIN; it was that heavy and loud. We got pretty well soaked on our way across the parking lot, and then the car stalled at an intersection on the way home. I pushed the car across the intersection while Dementia steered, then played with the engine and got it started, then did it AGAIN when it stalled again, and... I got back in the car and said to Dementia, "The next time you go on about how much you love rain, I want you to remember this afternoon." I have been drenched to the skin in rainstorms many times; she never has. It makes a difference...

Now, to go catch up on LiveJournal posts; I imagine I am at or near the maximum.

By the way, the second annual Texas 200 happened June 8 to 12; several of my friends participated, two of them (again) in eight foot Puddle Duck Racers. Here is Andrew Linn's version of things: http://www.waderweb.com/events/090608_tx200/index.htm

Uncle Hyena
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