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Enemies, Ice, Party

There was no decompression movie on Wednesday; I saw my sleep therapist, and then headed northwest to do some research on possible boating on the Fox River; there is one five mile stretch that should be pretty good under oars. I didn't have any luck finding a decent place to put in north of that.

Quite by accident, I spent a couple of hours talking to some old family friends: Jerri Duvic, and her daughter Beth. Beth is a couple of years younger than I am, and I haven't seen her in more than 30 years.

On Thursday we did movies, figuring we would avoid the holiday crowd that was. "Public Enemies" is very good, though probably a bit long; it needed to be tighter and crisper. Johnny Depp is amazing as Dillinger, but then when isn't Depp amazing?

"Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" is exactly what is is billed as, mindless and fun. It is seldom irritating and occasionally heartwarming.

Friday I was supposed to work on projects, and accomplished very little. I did manage to fix the nearly broken halyard on "Valkyrie", and take some photos for a piece I have written for Duckworks, but the day was mostly a wash.

Saturday was Pete's annual July 4 bash; I decided I would go, even though it meant being on my feet for 24 hours. I got up at 2:00, we had lunch, went south, visited for a while, and then left just as the fireworks were starting so that I could be home in time to go to work at midnight. I was a bit of a zombie by noon, but that is often the case, anyway.

Uncle Hyena
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