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When I got off work on July 8, I had 180 hours of weekend in front of me (this happens every year at this time...).

Wednesday afternoon I spent more time looking for launch sites along the Fox River; I found one poor one, and several more "hand launch only" sites. On Thursday I went to war (again) with the green vermin, once again grinding the back lawn into green paste. Both of these activities gained me a number of mosquito bites, which apparently make all of my joints hurt (allergenic toxins cause autoimmune conditions to flare...).

On Friday we saw, "I Love You, Beth Cooper", which was fun; it delivered on its press releases.

On Saturday we went to the Lake County Discovery Museum, which was low key fun. The "featured" dinosaur exhibit is nothing special, but the permanent History of Lake County exhibit was pretty cool.

On Sunday I did some boat-related carpentry, and on Monday I did various other boat maintenance, including re-installing a trailer fender that had rusted off.

On Tuesday I went up to Geneva Lake and went sailing; I covered about 11.5 miles in 5 hours. The wind never QUITE died, but there was not very much of it most of the time. I managed to go through THREE oddly sedate accidental jibes (accidental jibes are usually white-knuckled affairs that break things; these just irritated me, and made me feel stupid) and THEN I rammed the dock under oars. I also managed to hack furrows into about three square inches of my left forearm; my emergency knife decided to try to CREATE an emergency. Still, a bad day sailing is still better than a good day doing most anything else...

Uncle Hyena
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