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Family, Potter, Still More Sailing

After work on Sunday, we went down to brother Pete's house for a small (Dementia and I, my father, and Pete and his family) family gathering in honor of a visit by my cousin (first cousin once removed) Dan and his wife Jen, in town while moving from Florida to South Dakota with the Air Force. We spent about half the time talking movies with Jen and nephew Jake. There was also a strange bit where more than half of the gathering watched the "Buffy Meets Edward" video on sister-in-law Sue's iPhone.

On Monday we got up early and went to "Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince". You may recall that the source novel for this one was where Rowling started to run out of plot, and the book was generally tedious with occasional flashes of brilliance. The movie is unfortunately absolutely faithful to the book on that point; it is less so on other matters. In particular, all of the Snape-centered exposition which gives the book its title is reduced to ONE LINE. Still, Hogwart's is fun, and the characters are fun, and Harry FINALLY is almost together with Ginny... Given what else is currently in the theaters, I would likely see this a couple of times more if there were snow on the ground. As it is, I'd rather go sailing.

Speaking of which, I managed to again fail to get out of the house at a reasonable hour, and so ended up at Lake Andrea instead of Geneva Lake on Tuesday, once again looking for wind that just WILL NOT play with me. Still, it wasn't bad sailing.

In other vaguely related news, we stopped by the Winthrop Harbor marina on our way back from Kenosha on Monday. This is run by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and may well be the only free boat access to Lake Michigan in Illinois. Unfortunately, the won't let me launch my boat there; rowing withing the marina confines is Against The Rules. Human powered boats of any stripe are not allowed. Grrr.

Uncle Hyena
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