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J&J, GI Joe, Getaway, Storm

Three movies on three different days this week:

"Julie and Julia" was the Saturday movie. Meryl Streep has finally decided to start making movies that aren't depressing, and this one is a lot of fun. Amy Adams is wonderful as usual. Those interested in such things can amuse themselves by watching for the various ways that the film tries to present the 5'6" Streep as being 6'3".

On Monday we saw "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra", which is another effects driven fluffiganza. It manages to be better than the various "Transformers" offerings at every single point, which is certainly good enough.

On Tuesday evening I saw "A Perfect Getaway", which is a misdirection thriller. It is a bit heavy-handed, but works well enough. There is lots of eye candy (both setting and cast), though surprisingly little nudity. It was a good movie to see late at night for matinee prices, which I did.

On Sunday, I had hopes of getting up EARLY and trying to do the Grand Tour of Geneva Lake (a circuit of Lake Geneva, Williams Bay, and Fontana, about 17 miles if done in straight lines). I didn't go to bed early enough, which meant I didn't get up early enough, which meant there was no where to park, and the ramps were swamped with powerboats. I could have gone sailing, anyway, but the process is hostile to single handed sailors; I checked out three additional ramps (including one on the south side of the lake that requires you to back up for a full eighth of a mile), and eventually went back to Lake Andrea. I did three laps of the lake, and encountered two other sailboats (both relatively old: a wooden Johnson X Class, and an AMF Apollo 16), the first real sailboats other than mine I have seen at Andrea.

I was halfway through my third lap when a passing wind surfer told me that there were supposed to be 70 MPH winds coming though in the next half hour; I thought about that, looked at the sky, and finished the 200 yards of the upwind leg, then headed back to the ramp. I took a couple of what must have been 30 MPH gusts on the way back, and then the wind died completely just as I hit the ramp. I decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and pulled out and went home; it was the right decision, since another front chased me all the way home. I caught a small amount of rain as I was putting the trailer away.

One of these days there WILL be decent wind on a Monday or Tuesday, and I will get that tour in. I may even try to do a 24 hour sail on Geneva; I need to do one somewhere, and that seems like the best bet.

Uncle Hyena
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