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Time Traveler, Bandslam, Ponyo, Geneva Grand Tour

We saw two movies on Sunday, saw Dementia's parents and then another movie on Monday, and on Tuesday I went sailing, and broke the boat. Oops.

"The Time Traveler's Wife" is a really good romance, as long as you don't think about the time travel. At all. If you do, it unravels pretty quickly. But the characters are likable and the emotions are real, as long as you don't ask too many questions.

"Bandslam" is what we call locally a "Rocky movie". That is, one or more misfits attempt something improbable and do much better than anyone expected. It is a VERY deep mine, and has produced some wonderful movies, as well as a lot of pleasant but forgettable ones. "Bandslam" is in the latter class: quite pleasant, but also very forgettable. There is a moment, though, when it looks like the band being hatched will sound like Joan Jett fronting the Blues Brothers. It doesn't work out that way, but there is a moment...

"Ponyo" is pretty much awful. There are several clever ideas in the film, but they don't inter-relate at all. The animation is occasionally brilliant, but often just pointlessly weird. I am not often actually sorry I took the time to see a film, but this one...

So Tuesday... I got this idea in my head to do a grand tour of Geneva Lake, Williams Bay (north) to Fontana (southwest) to Lake Geneva (northeast) and back. It's about 17.5 miles by water if you don't have to follow the wind. I was sailing by 11:30, sailed down to Fontana against light winds, and then headed down the lake to Lake Geneva and the wind kicked up. I was SURFING. It was COOL. I turned around and headed for home, and let Bungee Bob, the elastic helmsman, steer the boat for about four miles; I only touched the controls to tack when we got close to shore. And then at about 5:30, after logging 19.5 miles, I was tacking at the north side of the lake when CRACK! Mast, sail, and spars were floating in the lake next to me. I gathered the mess up, tied it across the front of the cockpit, and started rowing home, another two hours and 3.5 miles.

The course:

Limping home broken:

Sunset over Yerkes Observatory, as I made the turn north into Williams Bay:

I am NOT happy about having broken the boat, but I can fix it. On the other hand... I am not good at being happy; I just don't have a talent for it. I can count the number of times I have been truly happy on the fingers of one hand, I think. Tuesday was one of them.

Uncle Hyena
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