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Five movies, (two Saturday, two Sunday, and one solo on Tuesday) and more stupid boat tricks.

"Post Grad" is a mediocre romance with comedy elements grafted on haphazardly. It also managed to push one of my hot buttons, HARD. If you have a job that you LOVE, and that supports you comfortably, you DO NOT throw it away for a CHANCE at a relationship. Good relationships are merely improbable; decent jobs that you love are freaking MYTHICAL. Still, Alexis Bledel continues to be engaging despite the material.

"District 9" is a shapeless mess. I liked it anyway; so did Dementia. I am not quite sure why.

"Inglorious Basterds" is Tarantino telling war stories is what turns out to be a fantasy world (No, I will not explain that. See the movie.) The Tarantino method has always run thus: Introduce a character, make the audience interested in that character, put the character in a high stress, slow paced situation, and then punctuate it with an explosion of bloody violence. Sometimes this works. In this case, he doesn't always put enough effort into making the characters interesting, and he tends to drag out the tense situations until the audience loses interest. I think there was a pretty good 110 minute movie in there. It's too bad it went on for 153 minutes.

"The Goods" is a routine lame comedy. We like Jeremy Piven, and the trailers suggested the movie might have a soul, so we gave it a chance. We were disappointed.

"Shorts" is a silly romp, Robert Rodriguez doing his thing, telling children's stories, and generally having fun. It's as deep as a coat of paint, but pleasant.

Now, on Monday... Earlier this year, when my boat still had a mast, I got it in my head that it might be fun to do some river running under oars. I did a fair amount of research, and mapped out a 13.8 mile section of the Fox River (known in Wisconsin as the Illinois Fox), I decided the conditions were right, and I did it. It took five hours, and I was going fairly hard the whole time; I had done my usual dawdle and malinger on the way to getting launched, and as a result I was racing the sunset from the moment I hit the water. I stopped to stretch once, and of course would have stopped more frequently if I had had the time. Still, it was worth doing, and I will likely do it again, though not necessarily this year, and definitely not so late in the day. Here is a map of the route:

Uncle Hyena
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