Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Woodstock, Halloween, Destination, Table Saw

Three late afternoon movies in three days, and efforts to build a new mast for the Vector.

"Taking Woodstock" seems to be a pretty good presentation of the forces the bizarre concatenation of events that led to the Woodstock festival. The movie is a bit meandering, but it pretty much has to be, and is a great deal of fun.

"Halloween II" is just dreary. Director Zombie apparently assumed everyone would make a point of re-watching his "Halloween" remake before watching this sequel, and therefore did not bother to introduce or develop the characters at all. The movie also begins with a dream sequence, which is always a bad idea; the director has not yet established a rapport with the audience, and comes off looking like an idiot.

"The Final Destination", on the other hand, is a romp. A mind bogglingly bloody romp, but a romp nonetheless. More than half of the amazingly improbable and bloody deaths in the film are not real in the story line, but rather premonitions. If you have the sort of mind that will let you laugh at the absurdity while a character is being pureed on screen, this movie is a lot of fun.

So... On Monday morning my friend Ed came over, and we went to IHOP, then went lumber shopping. We ended up with a pair of 14 foot "hem-fir" 2 by 10s, which we dragged back, and then fired up the table saw that has been sitting in a shipping box in the basement for last four years. Ninety minutes later, we had ripped three 14 foot 3 inch wide planks, destroyed one of them, and blown ten fuses. I decided that my brain was not working working quite straight, and Ed had to go be a father, so we shut down for the day. On Tuesday we started again, we ran each of our remaining planks through the saw six times, and ended up with two pretty good 1.5" by 3" by 14 foot half rounds. Technically, we should then have tapered the last six feet of each of them, but decided the chance of screwing things up significantly outweighed the potential benefit, so we glued the planks together and called it a day. I need to do some clean up and sanding and attach various bits, but for the most part I have a mast. Seeing "Final Destination" shortly after spending a couple of hours with my face 10 inches from a spinning table saw blade was a bit surreal, though.

Uncle Hyena
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