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Backtracking a bit, last Wednesday I went south, and visited my mother, my father, and my brother and his family in order.

On Thursday, I worked on the mast a bit, and mostly blodged.

On Friday, we saw two movies (Gamer and All About Steve).

On Saturday, I helped a friend move across the courtyard, and in the evening Dementia and I went to a Lojo Russo concert at The Yardarm in Racine.

On Sunday, we saw another movie (Extract).

On Monday, I sanded the mast, and did more blodging.

On Tuesday, I FINALLY got a boat in the water, and then had a late lunch with local critters Paul and Erika (Mutt).


"Gamer" is a pretty decent cyberpunk thriller, once you get past the absurdity of the premise. Gerard Butler continues to be the best thing in every movie he is in.

"All About Steve" is a shapeless sort-of comedy in which Sandra Bullock plays a barely functional nutcase. It has some good moments, but also a lot of painfully embarrassing ones.

"Extract" is a comedy by Mike Judge that doesn't quite not work. (Think about it.) I liked it, but I wasn't SURE I was going to like it until it was nearly over.

Of my three stops on Wednesday, two, with my dad, and with brother Pete and his family, were really good. My mother... There is not much left, there. She was sitting in the sun when I got there, and I knew from the visitor log that I had missed my dad by about 15 minutes; my mom had no memory of his visit. She got into a brief conversation with another resident while I was there: The other woman said something, and Mother parsed it to the best of her ability, then replied as she could based on what she understood. The other woman went through the same process, and so on, and so on... It reminded me of nothing so much as a couple of Furbies babbling at each other. It was absurd and heartbreaking and made me want to scream.

Not that it really ever comes up, but all that it takes to make me REALLY SURE that it is a good thing Dementia and I never had kids is to spend some time around someone else's. Ed's kids are smart and well behaved (given their ages and the circumstances), but prolonged child care requires skills I don't have, and don't really want.

Lojo Russo is a a neo-folk/ filk artist, long out of Minneapolis, lately out of Davenport. We have a few of her albums, and she was part of Cats Laughing with Steven Brust and Emma Bull, back in the day. We had not seen her in concert before, and her Racine appearance happened to coincide with my vacation. She gives good concert, and we had a great time (I think we were the only people there who had come specifically to see Lojo). It helped that The Yardarm is a GREAT bar, recent but built from the fragments of earlier bars, so it had the old wood and brass that marks a really great bar to me. AND they had hard cider on the menu. It's a bit of a drive, but we will be back.

On Tuesday, I got up sort of early and went up to Lake Andrea to row a lap of the lake, and then finally do a "man overboard" drill. It's always a good idea to know if you can get back into the boat if you find yourself out of the boat in deep water; it turns out that I can. Rah.

On Monday night I got an e-mail from Mutt, saying she was in town and wanted to get together. We got together on Tuesday afternoon with Paul G. at Pizza Hut, and stayed through a shift change and the arrival of yet another of that particular Waukegan gang, Ethan. Much fun was had.

Uncle Hyena
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