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Dragon Hunt Roster

G'Noll – Hyena-kin Wizard 10
STR - 40
CON - 65
INT - 65
WIZ - 100
LK - 40
DEX - 65
CHR - 65
SPD - 40
Adds - 137
Khennzdagger - 2D6+20
Khennzdagger - 2D6+20
Super Shirt - -500
trollgun - 20D6
Troll grenades on thick sticks (Double Quiver) - 40x13D6

Grumlahk – Homunculus Rogue 11

STR - 20
CON - 32
INT - 67
WIZ - 115
LK - 64
DEX - 42
CHR - 60
SPD - 30
Adds - 108
Roguesword Level 1 - 3D6+100
Lasso - 1D6+2
Robes of Steel - 20
Goblin Bow, Light

Aarra'aghaa – Rock Troll Warrior 8
STR - 31
CON - 45
INT - 28
WIZ - 12
LK - 63
DEX - 84
CHR - 40
SPD - 63
Adds - 193
Roguesword Level 3 - 5D6+300
Khennzdagger - 2D6+20
Super Shirt - -500
Bottled Dragon Breath

Mhegrrrim Skulltosser – Rock Troll Rogue 5
STR - 36
CON - 38
INT - 30
WIZ - 25
LK - 53
DEX - 40
CHR - 21
SPD - 30
Adds - 111
Trollhammer Level 2 - 200D6
Super Shirt - -500
Troll grenades on sticks

Glarrrn - Dwarf Wizard Level 1.
STR - 18
CON - 18
INT - 18
WIZ - 18
LK - 18
DEX - 18
CHR - 18
SPD - 18
Adds - 24
Magic Wand
Wizard Dagger - 2D6+10
Cuirass - -5
Hand Crossbow
Quarrels (Double Quiver)


Grumlahk, Trollhallan Scribner Rogue: Level 11
Kindred: Homunculus Languages: (52 potential)Common; Wizard Speech
STR 20
CON 32
INT 67
WIZ 115
LK 64
DEX 42
CHR 60
SPD 30

Roguesword 3d, 100 Adds Lasso 1d 2 Adds
Goblin Bow/Arrows, Light 3d
Robes of Steel 20 Hits
Sketchpad; Notebook: Charcoal stubs, chalk; 3 large canvas sacks;
Telescope; 2 waterskins; Ball o’twine; rope 50ft; 6 small bells;
Odd lengths of wire, snips; Pocket knife:

Pouch w/ several shiny stones, 3 feathers, dice.

Roguery (INT 67) Artistry (DEX 42)
Cooking (INT 67) Engineering (INT 67)
Healing (INT 67) History (INT 67)
Occultism (INT 67) Persuasion (CHR 60)
Poetry (INT 67) Riding (DEX 42)
Survival (INT 67)

Level 1: Sparkle (cost 1); Take That You Fiend (6)
Level 2: Find Object (4); Poor Baby (HT healed x2)
Level 3: Blasting Power (cost 9): Fly Me (cost 7)
Level 4: Protective Pentagram (cost 24): Smog (cost 11)

G'Noll, Hyena-kin Wizard

STR - 40
CON - 65
INT - 65
WIZ - 100
LK - 40
DEX - 65
CHR - 65
SPD - 40
Adds - 137
Weapons and Armor:

Khennzdagger (2D6+20)
Khennzdagger (2D6+20)
Super Shirt (500 armor)
Trollgun (20D6, range unknown)
Troll grenades on thick sticks (Double Quiver) (+13D6, 40 rounds (I think)
(Absolutely no hard feelings if you veto any of the Trollhalla Armory
stuff, but you did say, "The full resources of Trollhalla." Just give
me a chance to replace it with non-magical gear.)

G'Noll wears a silver (platinum if available) thumb ring on each hand
that is permanently enchanted as a focus.
(If these are not available, he will wear leather Turk's Head thumb
rings on each hand enchanted with "Hocus Focus", and have a couple of
spares handy, and he carries leather thongs to make more...)

Spell List:
You said, "You don't have to buy spells. If you choose wizard or
rogue or specialist, Trollgod teaches you whatever you can learn, and
have the wit to ask for. " G'Noll is a 10th level Wizard. He has the
intelligence and dexterity to cast 10th level spells, so I am just
going to ask for the whole catalog: All spells through level 10 that
occur in T&T 7.5, either in the main rules, or in Codex Incantatem. If
that is a problem, I will come up with a more reasonable truncated

(I am torn here. I generally try to play by the, "A person cannot
carry more than a person can carry," rule, but G'Noll has the strength
of three or four men, AND he can keep an "UpsiDaisy" spell going for a
VERY long time if he wants to. There follows a slightly modified
version of the expedition equipment list I came up with for a much
less powerful character to run in Shippy's stillborn "Agents of the
Death Goddess" campaign.)
On his person:

Clothes, well made, mostly canvas. Not new or showy, but in good condition.
Khennzdagger, sheathed, hung from belt on right.
Khennzdagger, sheathed, strapped to left thigh.
Coat or cloak, as appropriate to local custom.
Hat, leather, with a broad, floppy brim.
Shoulder bag, canvas with leather trim.
Boots, well made and well-fitting. Not new or showy, but in good condition.
Seabag, canvas, with shoulder straps.
Waterskin, about one quart, with shoulder strap.
Thumb rings, one on each hand, silver. Permanently enchanted with the
"Focus" spell.

Shoulder bag contains:
Gloves, leather.
Sailor's sheath knife.
Fid, lignum vitae. (A piece of wood, about nine inches long and
tapering from over an inch in diameter to a point. A sailor's knotting
Ocarina, brass, small. (An ounce or two; I actually own this.)
Telescope. (Sailor's spyglass.)
Cord, a few yards of mixed light cord, including his current knotting project.
Leather thongs, various lengths.
Purse (a small leather bag containing the equivalent of a few dozen
gold pieces). (Let's say 42 gold total, to have a number.)
A small bag filled with round stones, low value coins, and
miscelaneous junk to use as projectiles with the "Sling Shot" spell.
Two or three spare thumb rings made of knotted leather and enchanted
with "Hocus Focus".
Seabag contains:
Tarp, 4' by 8', with grommets along the edges.
Poles, 30" by 1 1/4", Two. Used for making a tent out of the tarp,
among other things.
Mess kit. (Tin or brass plate, knife, fork, spoon, a box of salt.)
Tin cup, 12 to 16 ounce capacity.
Cordage, various lengths and weights. Specifically, enough to rig the
tarp as a tent, with some extra to play with.
Silk rope, 50'.
Spikes, steel or iron, 12. These are about 1/4" in diameter, and eight
inches long. They weigh two or three ounces each, and are mostly tent
Sweater, heavy wool.
Scarf, heavy wool.
Underclothes, spare set.
Kit, writing. (This is an artifact of Shippy's T&T 6th edition; I will
provide exact contents if it seems relevant.)
Kit, clothing repair, including a sailor's palm. (See note on writing
kit, except the sailor's palm.)
Fish hooks and line in a small box, not really a "fishing kit".
A whetstone.
Note: There are enough grommets/ tie points on the bag that he can
secure his coat and most of his other gear to it if he wants to.

"Sea Chest" (This was originally to be hauled by a pack mule, but I am
going to just throw it in a box (call it a standard footlocker, with
tie downs for those 4 foot poles), and deal with it with high strength
or an UpsiDaisy spell, as mentioned. Or just leave it behind.)

Tarps, 2, 4' by 8' canvas with grommets as above.
Blankets, 2, heavy wool.
Poles, 4, 4' by 1 1/4 inches.
Smoked sausage, type as available, five pounds.
Cheese, type as available, five pounds.
Jerky, type as available, 15 pounds.
Hardtack (or similar long shelf life bread product), 15 pounds.
Bread, fresh, two loaves.
Whisky or brandy, type as available, one gallon. (In a ceramic
one-gallon bottle wrapped in light cord mesh to resist breakage.)
Beer or wine, type as available, two gallons. (In ceramic one gallon
bottles wrapped in light cord mesh to resist breakage.)
Water, one gallon. (In a ceramic one-gallon bottle wrapped in light
cord mesh to resist breakage.)
Small frying pan.
Cooking pot, tin, 3 or 4 quart.
Climbing kit (as in the T&T 6 rules).
Fishing kit (as in the T&T 6 rules).
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