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Wedding, Informant, Love, Jennifer, Meatballs, Sailing Again

On Saturday, after I got off work, we went to a wedding, the fifth in four years (and all in September or October, for some reason). On Sunday, we saw two movies, and then on Monday I hid from the rain and saw two more; one Tuesday I finally got the boat back in the water with the new (but still unvarnished) mast, and went SAILING again. And then on Wednesday, when I really should have been sleeping, I decided to go out to lunch, on foot...

I have known Nikki just short of half her life, since her jail bait days; she was fifteen going on forty then. She got married on Saturday, to an utterly charming refugee from the Bristol Fight Cast. Nikki quoted Rich Burlew in her vows ("Love is an epic level challenge." --Durkon); they used They Might Be Giants for the recessional; groom Steve fought a mock duel (with real swords) with one of his groomsmen at the beginning of the reception. Given how much I hate crowds in general and weddings in particular, it was a VERY good time.


"Informant!" is strange. It is often funny, but just as often simply bizarre, though this is apparently the fault of reality rather than the machinations of the writer; Mark Whitacre, the character played by Matt Damond, was just that over the top.

"Love Happens" is a decent movie that doesn't fit into any of the usual pigeonholes. It has some very funny bits, and a love story, but it is very much NOT a romantic comedy. It has engaging actors playing interesting characters, and we enjoyed it a great deal.

"Jennifer's Body" is a somewhat better than mediocre horror movie that could have been REALLY good if it were not for some very strange editorial choices. The movie earned an R rating for its language, but chose to take a very PG-13 track in regard to sex and nudity. Not really a big deal, except that this is essentially a succubus tale; the sex is (or should have been, since it never really happened) part of the horror. On the other hand, Megan Fox's radiant stupidity is actually effective in a few scenes, which is a pleasant surprise.

"Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" is an animated film based on a children's book that was completely beneath my radar (this isn't really too hard; I have had little congress with small children in the last 20 years). It's fluff; I have seen worse movies. There are worse ways to spend a rainy afternoon.

Tuesday I had hopes of going sailing on Geneva Lake again, but my usual indolence and inertia prevented that; I did one lap of Lake Andrea instead. The new mast does what it is supposed to do (though it NEEDS to be varnished). I have a working sailboat again. This is IMPORTANT.

On Wednesday I decided to walk to Jack's for a gyro. It's about two and three quarters miles each way. This was a silly thing to do, but I did it anyway...

Uncle Hyena
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