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Surrogates, Pandorum, Fame, Beer, Wind-killer

Four movies, a lunch in good company, and a FRUSTRATING sailing experience...

Movies first, as usual:

"Surrogates" is a pleasant little SF thriller in the "check your brain at the door" mode. The story is kind of fun, and there are some decent ideas there, but the world is so badly broken that if you think about it AT ALL, the whole thing unravels. It IS possible to enjoy this movie, if you want to, but it requires some pretty strenuous suspension of disbelief.

"Pandorum" is dark and moody SF horror. The comments on "Surrogates" all apply about 80% here, too.

"Fame" is a watered down remake/sequel to the 1980 original. The dancing is GREAT, the music is well presented but unexceptional, and there are WAY too many characters, and too much plot, to shoehorn in between the production numbers. If you have watched the original so many time you have it memorized, this one might be worth seeing. Otherwise, watch the original again.

"I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" is, like "The Hangover", a bachelor party gone sideways movie. "Hangover" is better, but "Beer" comes VERY close, and is just a lot of fun.

Sunday was almost certainly my last foray onto Geneva Lake for the year, and the first one since the mast broke. The temperature was supposed to be in the mid 70s, and the wind was supposed to be 15 to 20 mph, just short of being scary. I got off work early, hauled the boat up to Williams Bay, set up (with a double reef; the water was too cold to take significant risks), and put in. I had a bit of trouble getting away from the dock due to the wind, and then sailed half way down the bay close hauled into significant waves (for Geneva, anyway). I tacked and headed due west across the bay, and by the time I was ready to tack again and continue south, the wind was GONE. I bobbed around for a while and stared stupidly at the masthead streamer as it dangled lifelessly, and the started to row back to the dock (sailing in a slight drizzle with good wind is fun; rowing in a slight drizzle is just work). The wind came back in mid bay, sort of, and I ghosted back to the dock. Nothing broke, and I can now say with authority that the boat sails well with a double reef, but I had hoped for quite a bit more.

Also... On Tuesday I got together for lunch and conversation with Morgen and Steve, which was as much fun as expected. Now that the weather has turned (though I still hope to get at least one day of October sailing in), I need to do more of that.

Uncle Hyena
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