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Couples, Citizen, Coupler, Mound, Faire, Anniversary, and MANY Miles

Ok, I am way behind. Movies first, but they were both bad, and there is a lot more interesting stuff to follow.

"Couples Retreat" is a lackluster relationship comedy. I get a strong impression that this movie was planned and shot for an R rating, and a decision to cut it back to PG-13 was made late in the production cycle. This essentially eviscerated the movie, and it shows.

"Law Abiding Citizen" is just awful. Good cast, big budget, high production values, terrible dialog, and a brain damaged plot. On top of the general awfulness, one gets the feeling that the producers think they are saying something, trying to convey a moral, but they fail utterly.

On to the narrative...

Monday, October 12, was the first half of our 25th wedding anniversary, and I gave Dementia a knife (black metal handled liner lock), then took off for the south side with friend Ed and his two boys to salvage the railroad coupler that some friends and I liberated from the side of the tracks back in 1973 or so. It is either going to end up in my back yard, or in Ed's father's front yard. 350 pounds of ugly cast iron that has been a nexus of sanity optional behavior for at least 36 years, and it is now mine...


Tuesday was the second half of our 25th anniversary, and I gave Dementia her real present, and silver "Tinner's Hares" pendant. It made her cry, which wasn't exactly the plan, but certainly counted as a win. ( http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v373/unclehyena/Art/3hr14klg.jpg )(The illustration shows a gold overlay that I didn't get and Dementia wouldn't have wanted...) And then we started on a 1700 road trip.

Wednesday morning we were in Hillsboro, OH, en route to the Ohio Serpent Mound, a 900 year old mystery (possibly astronomical) site ( http://media-2.web.britannica.com/eb-media/99/84499-004-017BFB9F.jpg ). It was cold and cloudy, but the rain didn't start until we were crossing the parking lot on our way out. Evening found us (after some scary driving at high speed though fog on steep highways) on the Pennsylvania line in Hagerstown, MD. Thursday morning we visited Turn the Page Books (Nora Robert's home base book store), and then we got to Marbury and a visit with Reverend Bob, who married us, once upon a time. On Thursday evening, I hung out with Bob and his sons (four of them, ranging from 21 to 30) while Dementia lurked in our hotel room and watched television.

On Friday Dementia, Bob, and I watched the previously excoriated "Citizen" and did some shopping, then we returned to Bob's house for a boatload of pizza and more conversation. On Saturday we did the focal event of the trip, a visit to the Maryland Ren Faire. It was 45 degrees and drizzling, but a good time anyway. In the evening, after we had dried and thawed, there was more conversation and some gaming. On Sunday, we went to church (Oh, the horror!) and then there was more conversation and gaming, while Dementia again hid from the crowds. On Monday and Tuesday we drove home, and then I got sick...

Games played, for the record: "Glory to Rome", a card based strategy game; "Chronology", a history trivia game (that I won); "Underground", a rail game based on the London subway; and "Power Grid", an economic game.

Still horribly behind on journal READING, mind you...

Uncle Hyena
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