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Amelia, Education, Wake-Up, Michael, Small World

Not much besides movies this week. Though there IS a rather silly story at the end.

"Amelia" is a well made biopic. It stands out for two reasons: One, it is very matter-of-fact about Earhart's polyamory, and two, it manages, if you are within the movie, to largely over-ride the fact that you KNOW she is going to die. This is a pretty substantial trick.

"An Education" is a well made but unpleasant movie starring the luminous Carey Mulligan (Sally Sparrow of the Doctor Who episode "Blink", for those who care). It is the sort of movie that seems to be trying to say something, and fails.

"21 and a Wake-Up" is a strange little film starring "Angel" alumna Amy Acker. It features a strong cast, a hideous script, and worse editing. It also happens to be the first Viet Nam war film ever actually SHOT in Viet Nam. It involves medical personnel in the last major US Army hospital in country during the waning days of the war. I found myself liking it in spite of the horrible dialog and editing, right up until the mind-bogglingly stupid climax. Still, I find myself thinking of the movie with a sort of masochistic fondness.

"This Is It"... Once you get past the freak show that was the last decade of Michael Jackson's life, this is a pretty good dance movie. It also makes it very clear that WORDS were probably Jackson's THIRD language; he understood both music and dance MUCH better than he did words. And the dancing was, of course, fabulous.

Odd story: The other day I was discussing railroad obsessions with a co-worker, and another denizen of the Ops Pit related how he had visited his mother-in-law in her retirement home, and they had visited another resident who was having an open house to show off his trains. "Yeah, crazy old guy had trains all around his living room and one of the bedrooms." Questions were asked, phone calls were made, identities were confirmed. Yes, it was my dad. Larry and I have been working in the same room (on different shifts) for more than six years; my dad, and Larry's mother-in-law, have been living in the same community for four. There are 45 miles (as the crow flies) and about five million people between the Ops Pit and Peace Village...

Uncle Hyena
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