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Fine, Mania, Brothers, Dogs, Ninja, Ali, Surgery, STILL SICK

In between coughing my lungs out, calling in sick two more days, and canceling my habitual December conversation quest road trip, I have been sneaking out to see half of the ten movie backlog I had run up (this after seeing every movie Tinseltown has showed since the beginning of August...).

"Everybody's Fine" is slice of life with a great cast that flirts with "stupid people being unhappy" without ever quite falling into the hole. The characters come across as decent people making bad decisions as opposed to just being chronically stupid, and they get better, a bit.

"Transylmania" is a silly low budget horror spoof comedy. I went in with understandably low expectations, and they were exceeded slightly. For one thing, they managed to mash an enormous amount of plot into 92 minutes. For another, I just seem to have a greater tolerance for stupid comedy when they kill off a few of the characters. Not sure why...

"Brothers" is a well crafted "War destroys lives" movie. It seems to think that it is profound, but fails to say anything original enough to get there. It is interesting that the plot does NOT follow the path suggested by the trailers.

"Old Dogs" was just hideously bad; it is stupid, embarrassing, and boring not just by turns but all at once.

"Ninja Assassin" is MUCH better than I expected it to be. Granted, I didn't expect much, but there was a real (if thin) plot under all of the sword porn and fake blood. This movie is probably as close to live action anime as I have ever seen.

As it happened, I shared the theater for "Ninja Assassin" with Tinseltown denizen Bryan and his friend Ali, who turned out to be intelligent and charming as well as decorative (though I would expect that of any companion of Bryan's...). The three of us went over to IHOP after the movie and talked for a few hours. Physically, this was a bad decision, but spiritually it was something I really needed.

Dementia had dental surgery, gum transplants, on Tuesday. I drove. Things seem to be going really well on that front; she gets a progress report NEXT Tuesday.

Uncle Hyena
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