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Frog, Invictus, Fox, 2012, Armored, Hero

So the end of my December vacation consisted of being exhausted, sleeping, and sneaking out to occasional movies (with a bit of much appreciated scheduling help from Jeremy of Tinseltown).

"The Princess and the Frog" is a Disney animated musical romance. It is a solid example of the type; you will like it better if your musical tastes include Randy Newman and Dixieland. Ours do.

"Invictus" is a well crafted presentation of a truly amazing story. The critics love it; audiences are staying away. For once, the critics are right. The movie presents Nelson Mandela as both an extremely competent politician AND a truly good man. I am not inclined to believe this is possible, but after seeing this movie... Maybe.

"The Fantastic Mr. Fox" is a tolerable piece of more-or-less children's animation. The animation is kind of peculiar and occasionally jarring to no particular purpose. I don't regret seeing it, which is not exactly a recommendation.

"2012" is a SILLY movie. It has no particular grounding in reality, and the plot mostly exists as an excuse to blow things up. I enjoy John Cusask and Amanda Peet, and liked their scenes well enough, but the overall silliness made it REALLY hard to care.

"Armored" is a caper movie with a lame plot and a great cast. Stuff blows up. Lots of fake money gets burned. I don't think I regret seeing it, quite.

"Ten Inch Hero" is a 2007 indie movie with an ensemble cast that includes Jensen Ackles. I stumbled upon it by accident, waited for them to get around to producing a DVD, and we finally watched it on Monday. It is a strange little slice of life movie that tries to be both funny and touching, and more or less succeeds. We enjoyed it a great deal.

Uncle Hyena
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